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Five Reasons Your Business Needs Unified Communications

Today’s business world is connected and constantly communicating. By leveraging a unified communications system, you can turn your separate devices into one solution that is ready and able to handle both internal and external collaboration at a moment’s notice

Phone, email, instant messaging, teleconferencing, videoconferencing, Web conferencing — in most organizations these remain separate, discrete functions. All of those communications channels are vital, but simply managing them saps productivity and hampers collaboration and customer service.

The following five reasons will show you how important it is to have a unified communications plan in place. It goes far beyond a simple reason like convenience. A solution like this can redefine how you communicate and share content both internally and with your customers. Having great communication is something you need in place before all else.

1) UC is Manageable and Efficient

This solution provides you with a single and integrated platform that connects your mobile devices, desktop computers, and your entire business staff. It streamlines everything into one single phone number that works across all devices.

With the addition of call optimization features, you can also have all of your contact information in one place where it’s easily accessible. This allows employees to have the ability to focus on their tasks and easily communicate with clients and customers, making things run more efficiently.

The cloud-based features of UC also frees up space in your office, by eliminating the need for traditional on-site servers. Your connected devices are ready to use, whether it’s a phone, your computer, or an app on your smartphone.

2) A Secure Solution

Instead of using phone lines, UC turns your audio signals into digital ones. All of your calls are made through an encrypted internet connection, significantly increasing security to your business communications system.

This applies to phone calls, emails, and text messages. Today’s businesses require high level security when dealing with personal and sensitive information. A unified communication platform ensures that all of this information is safe and secure.


3) Lower Costs, Improved Scalability

Whether your business is small or large, the needs you have for your communication solutions are different. A cloud-based UC platform has the ability to start at a size and price that works for your business. As time goes on and growth occurs, you can scale the service up as needed.

Customized packages and piecemeal options allows you to choose the exact capabilities that work for you and your business.

The logistics are also incredibly simple. You don’t have to purchase any hardware or modify your current technology. Everything goes through a single cloud-based server which makes upgrades and maintenance simple and easy for everyone involved.

4) It Saves Time

Beyond the financial savings, UC options also offer unique features that will cut down on time spent communicating with others. Since all devices are unified across the network, you can answer and transfer calls to any of your connected hardware either in your office, or at another location. Constant communication and fast response time have always been a staple of quality customer service. A UC platform empowers to provide these things consistently.

5) Improved Collaboration

The days of flying in executives or pulling everyone away from their desks for a meeting are over. Today we utilize things like video conferences, and group messaging to collaborate with other key members of the business simultaneously.

Today’s UC platforms allow you to host a video, web, or telephone conference on the fly. It doesn’t matter where your employees are located, they can connect and share ideas or concepts in real-time.

This also applies to international clients. If you need to have a meeting or discussion with them, but don’t have the time or means to fly them in, your unified communication solution can connect you with them immediately.